Is your brain getting enough blood flow? Natural ways to improve brain circulation

It’s no secret that the brain does a lot of work. Since this little part of our body is responsible for ensuring that everything works just fine, it’s important to make sure that it gets an adequate amount of blood flow day in and out. Accomplishing this isn’t even as complicated as it sounds and here’s how you can do it:

  • Regular exercise  Regularly engaging in physical activity can do so much for the body and for the brain as well. Experts say exercising should be the priority if the goal is to improve circulation in the brain. It doesn’t matter whether it’s yoga, circuit training, or simply walking, so long as you enjoy what you’re doing that you can actually commit to doing it regularly. Getting the heart pumping is good, but over-training isn’t really the answer. (Related: Yoga can increase blood flow, aiding in repair and regeneration of tissue.)
  • Listening to music  With the help of tools like functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers were able to find out that music can actually increase the blood flow to the brain. By constantly listening to music, blood supply increases, which helps you become smarter, happier, and more creative. This technique works best if you actually listen to music that you like.
  • Becoming a bilingual (or even a multilingual)  It is said that multilingual people have bigger and better-connected brains. They are also able to receive better blood flow as compared to those who only speak one language. Learning a new language remains to be one of the most effective ways to boost brain power.
  • Neurofeedback  This is a technique wherein you train your mind and body to control automatic body functions — like heart rate — by consciously altering your brainwave patterns. By being able to do this, you can also stop the stress responses in your body responsible for directing blood flow away from the brain.
  • Acupuncture  Acupuncture helps the body by ensuring there’s balance in the body’s qi (the body’s vital energy). It is said to help increase blood flow to the brain without the risk of raising blood pressure or heart rate.
  • Exposure to bright light  According to research, light stimulates the brain’s blood flow.
  • Chew gum  Aside from allowing you to be more relaxed, chewing gum can actually increase blood flow.

Symptoms of poor brain blood flow

It’s not that easy to recognize when you’re not getting sufficient blood flow to the brain. There may even be times when you’d blame the symptoms you’re feeling to lack of sleep or stress. What you might now know is that you’re already suffering from a blood flow deficiency in the brain.

Be on the lookout for the following symptoms associated with poor blood flow to the brain:

  • Unable to focus and concentrate well.
  • Caffeine and exercise-dependency to kickstart the brain.
  • Unhealthy nails.
  • Cold nose, feet, and hands.
  • Having the need to wear socks at night.
  • Cramping in feet and hands.

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